la the lost angel

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LA the Lost Angel

LA displays her versatility as a confident and seasoned Rap/Soul artist on her new bop single produced by Obvious Beatz

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Welcome newbie! If you are here, I'm more than certain you came in need of a heavy dose of divine femanine Rap/Soul vibez that might make you think but will definitely make ya head bob from harmonic sounds of life, love, truth and street...somehow grafted together as one on a dope ass beat! Not only will you gain a new perspective on what it is to be a Texas femcee, but we've also omitted the heavily saturated & too often demonstrated 'thot wave' behavior that the culture has somehow embraced so much that listeners have become immune too it's negative effects and grown to unconsciously love. This new love you'll find is pure.... Time to evolve, not just endure. We may have to convince her to drop the Lost, because you just found a true angel of music. Please kick off ya' shoes and relax ya' feet; you're gonna be here a while. 

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